Paddle Boarding – South Devon, UK

Last year I was lucky enough to discover a new passion; SUP – stand up paddle boarding.   I’ve always loved the water, and growing up in Devon I’ve been surrounded by hidden coves, crowded surf breaks and cold, clear rivers running down from the moors. Most of my friends are obsessive surfers, but I…

Volcano Boarding – Cerro Negro, Nicaragua

Like an extreme form of tobogganing, but instead of having lovely soft snow to crash into if it goes wrong you’re faced with razor sharp volcanic rocks and sand. Sounds fun, right?

Backpacking: what to take with you

Read any article about what to pack when you set off backpacking and the advice will be the same: pack light! Here’s a list of essential items you should consider taking with you.

Pattaya, Thailand

Every man has his price; it turns out mine is somewhere around three drinks. That was all it took for me to break the solemn, heartfelt promise made to my mum years ago

Aitutaki, Cook Islands

Our little twin propeller plane bumped as it dropped down through a thin layer of white whispy clouds, before flattening out again in the bright Pacific sunshine.
Below us the little island of Aitutaki was suddenly revealed in all its glory

New Zealand

Heart thudding, pulse racing, breath tight in my chest, I watched in disbelief as the stranger pushed my girlfriend out of the plane. The wind thrashed around me as I stumbled to the edge, gaze involuntarily drawn into the dizzying void beneath.

Naples, Italy

When people told me that Italian drivers can get a little feisty, I used to give them a knowing look and maybe nod sagely.
“I’ve been to Milan”, I thought, “I know exactly what you mean”.
Nothing had prepared me for Naples.


Between lazy pulses of swell, glossy black waves reflect shimmers of starlight. The clamouring voices of the boat’s other passengers have faded to silence now I’ve found this secluded spot on the prow. I perch high on a railing, turn my face towards the cold North Star, and for the first time in days it feels like I’m alone.